Lezing Kuala Lumpur Universiteit

17 september 2013

History and future scenarios.

During two lecture's Stefan de Bever and Heleen van Heel will show along the history of the office, new developments and the challenges of the future in the field of architecture and urban design.

They will show the 120 years of history of the office starting from 1890 when Eindhoven, The Netherlands was still a village of 4.000 poor farmers up to the growth of our society to 220.000 people on this moment. The year 1890 was also the year that Philips opened their first factory, which had and still has a huge impact on our society and the projects of the office.

On this moment the region is one of the brightest regions in the world. Eindhoven was selected the smartest region in 2012. There are many high tech companies in this region and many intelligent people from all over the world working in these companies.
The Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e) develops new applications along with the business community. De Bever Architects is strongly connected with these developments.

Since 2005 Stefan de Bever and Heleen van Heel are guest lecturers at the University and guide students in their graduation program, next to this De Bever Architects develops new urban and architectural strategies together with the high tech industry.

During these lecture's they will show in addition to the history and current developments future scenarios, which may also be used into other regions of the world.